Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Food Staples

I thought today I would share my food staples with you.
These are the things that you will almost 99% of the time find in my kitchen.

  • CARROTS - I love to munch on these while I'm cooking a meal! Great little snack for when I'm SUPER HUNGRY and can't wait til the food finishes cooking. haha
  • Apples- I usually eat one every day. I love 'em! My favorite is HoneyCrisp, with Fuji in a close second place.

  • Yogurt- I loveeeeeee making yogurt messes! (just mix yogurt and cereal and can add in fruit or granola or whatever you feel like) I HATE milk, but for some reason I love yogurt!
  • Egg Beaters- My favorite thing to whip up is an omelette! Easy and delicious!

  • CEREAL- I have at least 4 different kinds at one time. haha I love cereal. It's great for my yogurt messes, but I also just like to eat it dry as a movie snack or whatever. YUM!
  • Whole Wheat Tortillas/Flatouts- These are SO good, have lots of good-for-you fiber, and are perfect for lunches on the go!

  • PEANUT BUTTER- do I really need to say more? ;)
  • Cinnamon- I love adding cinnamon to lots of things, so I always have some!

What are YOUR food staples?


  1. I definitely agree on the cinnamon, carrots, apples, cereal... oh and nut butter! Well I prefer almond butter for me :)
    Of course you can share the video, just tag me if youd like! :)

  2. great lists! agree with cinnamon, carrots and apples, but for me tahini is what I love, as well avocados! Always in my house! Oh and sweet potatoes

  3. I love apples too but only golden delicious. My Mom used to always get confused at to what green apple I would eat...b/c I don't like granny smith so I would always tell her "4020s" since that's the universal code. I still call them 4020s to this day and sometimes forget to call them by their real name. Heha. I too always have to have Egg Beaters. Hmm my own staple? cheese. Various flavors at all times.

  4. I love the new pics in your header. The "Fun" one is so cute and silly! We have a lot of similar staples. Carrots, yogurt, cereal, cinnamon, PB! I also adore cottage cheese, blueberries, bananas, pears, english muffins, and Laughing Cow cheese.

  5. We have similar favs! I would have to add almonds...I go through tons!

  6. peanut butter!
    any kind of fruit
    and nuts, granola...always have these things on hand :)

  7. I agree about Honeycrisp apples ... they are superior to any other kind! I would add strawberries and spinach as "staples" in our house :)

  8. Peanut butter, plain greek yogurt, honey, spinach, any kind of fruits and veggies, oats, protein powder, and of course whole grain breads!

  9. These are some of my staples as well. I love to much on baby carrots while preparing food too! :D

  10. Fresh ground PB is the best on apples, bananas or a spoon. Great Site Kels, good luck on the new teaching job. About 5 years ago I started using pain peanut buttering and now Skippy & Jiff taste like sugary peanut flavored shorting. After having the good stuff you can't go back. Woof my dog likes it too.