Monday, January 2, 2012

I wanna be MADE...

Most people begin the year with a clean slate, and I decided that my closet/drawers needed a clean slate too.

I filled THREE trash bags with old t-shirts and tennis shoes that are either too worn or old to wear. I can't believe I had that many t-shirts! I mean, I love free t-shirts, and I actually got 22 free ones during my first year of college! CRAZY, HUH?

Every time I go to a fancy dinner party (which is only once in a blue moon, haha) I ALWAYS ALWAYS see these cute little pinwheels. I decided to make my own! Mine are much less fancy though. I just spread cream cheese on a tortilla and topped it with turkey. Rolled them up, and sliced them into little pinwheels.

I will be PERFORMING 3 dances at the Vanderbilt Basketball Half Time Show!

I grew up playing softball and basketball and was a huge tomboy. I am still pretty athletic, but I am also extremely girlie!

Have you seen the MTV show, Made?

Well, I always said if I was made into something, I would pick a cheerleader or dancer.
I am so excited!

I've talked about my favorite fitness class, Dance it Out, before on my blog. All of the YMCA's around middle TN are coming together to perform 3 dances for the half time show.
I've practiced and practiced, and my instructor even stayed after class with me a couple times to help me prepare. I am SO EXCITED!!!

If you could be made into anything, what would you pick?


  1. Nice job on the cleaning out of your drawers. I need to get on that as well. But first, the Gator Bowl.

  2. How exciting! Ive danced my entire life so i can relate to the excitement!

  3. Either a dancer or a gymnast. I always said I should have been a gymnast...I'm 5'2" and have a complete gymnast build!

  4. Yay for cleaing out your closet and getting rid of things you dont need anymore! Thats awesome! :)
    I love those little pinwheel things! Have you tried a PB&J one? :D
    Hope you had a GREAT night!

  5. congrats on being MADE!! If I could be MADE it would have to be into a better soccer player. Soccer is one of my biggest passions, and I would love to have more skill!