Thursday, December 15, 2011

I took my FINAL FINAL!!!!

This morning I treated myself to this fine piece of wine, I mean, Monster Energy Drink. I decided it was the perfect treat/brain power fuel for my



It is awesome!
I was definitely super hyper and excited to get my finals over with today! Just ask my classmates! haha

As I was about to take my last final, which was Math, my professor handed back my GRADED Unit Plan for when I taught math for a whole week to my 3rd grade class.
Look what I received:
that's right... a 94!!!!!!
ohhhhhh yeah baby!

and the compliment that she gave me TOTALLY made my day:
Excellent job, Kelsey - keep up the enthusiasm, and keep working on using those open ended questions. Students respond very positively to you, which is a great compliment to your teaching personality- try to use that to guide/motivate them to deeper, long term math understanding by thinking and explaining. I really enjoyed working with you!

Um, yeah, that is currently hanging on the FRIDGE!

Seriously, that comment really made me feel good because, I can't lie, this semester was rough. It was BY FAR the worst semester of my college experience. The teachers were very unorganized, and aside from my math teacher, the rest were very DISCOURAGING. At one point, I actually questioned if I was cut out to be a teacher. But, I persevered and as soon as I stepped foot in the classroom, I just KNEW that teaching is what I'm supposed to do. Next semester I will have lots of interesting stories from student teaching, so stay tuned!

Do you hang good grades on your own fridge like parents do?


  1. Oh Kelsey!! I'm so proud of you!! You are going to be a magnificent teacher and don't let anyone tell you different. I think all of us had the same rough semester and questioned ourselves as well. But the good thing about it is that it didn't kill us it only made us stronger and with that we will be better teachers! Your the greatest!!

  2. Wow! Way to smoke that test :) I am soooo glad the semester is over too -- now to enjoy Christmas!!