Wednesday, November 16, 2011

PIZZA new calling?

First of all, I just have to brag a little...
I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

This past Sunday night was MAKE YOUR OWN PIZZA NIGHT!
I had a blast!
It was my first time ever tossing dough in the was so fun!
(check out the video)


After pizza, we filled shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. It was a fun night!

In "teacher" related news...

I am having an absolute BLAST with my 3rd grade class! The students are really interacting and are excited about learning math from me this week! They LOVED the story I read called, "Six Dinner Sid". It's about a cat that eats a meal at 6 different houses in his neighborhood, so I tied some math into it and they LOVED it!

We've been having inside recess since it's nasty and rainy outside, so look what some students made for me...
Sid the Cat!

That makes me feel so good that they are enjoying my lessons and who doesn't love getting artwork from a student?

Did you ever give your teachers artwork when you were growing up?

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  1. What a GREAT night! I LOVE homemade pizza! What a great idea for a small group dinner! :) And I love that you guys did OCC! We are filling shoe boxes this weekend for them. :)