Monday, June 20, 2011

Going home with Dustin to meet the family!!!!!!

This past week Dustin took me home to meet his family! It was such an awesome week! I love his whole family! They were so kind and made me feel right at home!

Here's some pics...

In the car on our way...Beau was a little jealous that I got the front seat! haha

The first day, we hung out at the house, played some card games, went out to lunch, went bowling, and then church at night. Dustin led the singing. He did a WONDERFUL job. It just made my heart smile to see him leading the church! :)

Thursday, we went to Kings Island. It was a blast! I LOVE ROLLERCOASTERS!!! My new favorite ride there is called Fire Hawk. I didn't hold on the entire ride...I felt like superman!

This is D's sister, Staci, and her boyfriend, Landon! So fun to hangout with!

He thinks he is funny...

Staci and I

This ride was crazy fun! I think it was called Invertigo.

On Friday, we hung out at the house, and went to the Cinncinnati Red's game that evening. Yes, I have officially converted to being a Red's fan! Sorry Daddy! After the game, they had fireworks! That was cool!

Yeah, he has to put up with my craziness! But, he likes it! ;)

I just got done eating a DELICIOUS Watermelon Chill. It was really tasty!

Saturday, we just hung out at the house and played all kinds of games...Catch Phrase, Pictionary, Blurt, cards, and watched a movie. It was great just to hangout and cut up with each other. I just fit right in. I was getting teased, and I was teasing them, it was great!

On Sunday, we went to church. His dad is the pastor. I really enjoyed visiting their church. His dad was actually really nice and mentioned that they enjoyed having me visit this week and that I was a nice girl with good Christian principles! That sure made me feel good! :)

I knew I would have a good time, but this trip FAR EXCEEDED my expectations! I had such a good time, and I actually started crying after we were on the road for a few minutes. I am gonna miss them! But, Dustin was really sweet and comforted me and let me know that wouldn't be the last time I would be there!