Thursday, July 1, 2010

catching up...

where did June go?!?!? This summer is just FLYING by! I'm having a blast! :)

this week has been busy, which I love, because I would much rather be busy than bored.

Monday I watched Blake for a bit and at night Daddy treated me to dinner out. I picked ihop because I have been wanting to try something new...Strawberry Crepes. They were delicious! It was breakfast for dinner + dessert ALL IN ONE! YUM!

Tuesday I watched a new family so the mom could go to a job interview. They JUST moved here. They were so sweet. 6 and 7 year old + a 8 month old baby. When I was leaving, the little girl asked if I could come back tomorrow! It's times like those that I enjoy because I really feel appreciated. Then, I hung out with Robbie and Myrt. I rode the dirtbike for a while since Myrt got tired of it...let me tell you, that thing goes 50 mph! I was cranking it up as fast as it would go! I had so much fun! At night, I accompanied my daddy to a Rotary dinner banquet since my mom is at Kacy's tournament. (Always enjoy time with my Daddy, plus I like going to all those things with him because I get to meet important people and get my name out there for future references..haha)

Wednesday I hung out with Blake again. Then, my dad and I met Aunt Toni and Anna Kate for dinner at Dalt's in Nashville. I love trying new places and foods! :) We got the Queso Dip for an appetizer and it was soooo yummy!!! Then, I ate the Patty Melt for my entree. Good too!

and today I spent the day at the pool. Morning with just Myrtle, and then Robbie came after he golfed. it was fun! Myrt is so cute and was copying everything I did today for some reason. The water was FREEZING right at 10:00, so we both layed out and tanned. Later, we had fun swimming and playing in the pool. We even did our own version of "water aerobics". haha that was a hoot!

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  1. Wow! No wonder you aren't bored!! Sounds like you have so much fun and are so loved!!

    Love you!
    Grandma K