Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So, I watched Chandler on Sunday afternoon, and since it was sooooo pretty, I decided to take her for a ride in the stroller while I walked little Molly at the same time. We went around the loop in the neighborhood once, and wanted to go a second time, but Molly was TIRED. She didn't want to walk anymore, so I put her in the bottom of the stroller and she just rode along with baby Chandler! HAHA. It was so funny that I HAD to take a pic! She was so content and never tried to get out!

Here is a video that I'm in from APSU. Ernest Fields, one of the players, made up this rap about the coach. It's really funny if you have watched the coach during the games, but even if you haven't, hopefully it will bring a smile to your face! I am in the section that is cheering at the end. I have my PEAYNUTS shirt on. I'm right behind the man with the headset that talks.