Friday, March 12, 2010

fun friday!

Today was a fun Friday! I went to Nashville with my second family-The Yates. (Robbie and Myrt's family) We went to The Old Spaghetti Factory for lunch. YUM! I had a chicken panini and it was delicious! ( I LOVE TRYING ALL KINDS OF NEW FOODS. I was seriously missing out all those years when I was too picky!) Then, we went to the Adventure Science Center. It was a lot of fun. Mrs. Sue Ellen paid for my lunch and admission to the center and then tried to pay me for "my time" going with them. I said, " NO WAY CAN YOU PAY ME FOR HAVING FUN ALL DAY!" They are such a great family, I'm blessed to have them in my life.

I came home real quick, got my library books to return, and headed to the library. Got some new books, and headed straight to babysit precious Maddie! :) She is so sweet. After she went to sleep I got to finish my book, "The Wedding" (another Nicholas Sparks book). I'm officially obsessed with reading and am in love with ALL of Nicholas Sparks' books!