Monday, December 15, 2014

Send Me Gluten Free Box Review

Send Me Gluten Free sent us a box full of gluten free goodies to review. Here's some more info from their website:
Our mission is to help the gluten free community by providing great resources and fun ways to try new products that are safe for you and your family. That mission is so important to us because we get it...we have families that live gluten free and most of our team lives gluten free too. We know first-hand how difficult it can be to find the best products and we’re here to make all of that easier with our monthly subscription box. We hope you’ll join us! 
We know gluten free. While Send Me Gluten Free is shiny and new, we have been helping the gluten free community for a pretty long time. We’ve hosted the Gluten & Allergen Free Expos since 2007, helping thousands of people discover new gluten free products and learn how to make their lifestyle easier. In 2010, we launched the mobile app Find Me Gluten Free. It quickly became the #1 gluten free restaurant finder app, and has since added thousands of listings to help people just like you find safe places to eat locally and when traveling.

We wanted to do more.
While we have seven cities on our expo tour, there are a lot of people in between that just can’t make it to one. We like to think of Send Me Gluten Free as an “expo in a box” for you to try new gluten free products right in your home. And while the Find Me Gluten Free app has been helping people find places to eat, and smartphones seem to be able to do just about anything, the technology just isn’t there yet to try out new products on your phone. So until that day comes, Send Me Gluten Free will have to do!

We send you cool stuff. Each month you’ll get to try 8-12 new gluten free products. You’ll get full-size and sample size food, personal care items, supplements and household products that support your gluten free lifestyle.

Our Review:

This box was packed full of gluten free goodies! This was such a fun and easy way to try out a bunch of new snacks! If we had to pick a favorite out of the box, we would both pick the Focaccia bread together and seperately, Jared would choose the gummy vitamins and I would choose the granola! All of the products were very good and there was such a great variety! They even included coupons for FREE FULL SIZE PRODUCT! That is awesome! 

Check out their website and set up a subscription for yourself. They are offering my readers a discount of 20% off any subscription length with the code BLOG20.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Speedie B's Energy Bar Review

Speedie B's sent us some of their energy bars to review! Here's some info about them from their website: 
Speedie B's Energy Bars are the ONLY Virginia-made, energy bars made with Organic ingredients that provide you with sustainable energy.  
We designed them with the right balance of carbohydrates and protein to give you lasting energy that will get you through your work-out or your work-day, and assist in recovery and muscle repair. 
They are a healthy meal replacement that helps with endurance and recovery. We harness the brilliance of Mother Nature by combining the perfect balance of all-natural, Organic ingredients to make sure you keep your pace AND love the taste.

Speedie B's Energy Bars are made and distributed by Brand-O Foods, LLC and currently are available in four flavors.
Just as the seasons turn, more delicious flavors will arrive...

Our Review:
YUM YUM YUM!!! These bars ROCK! Not only do they have purely organic ingredients, they taste delicious! The Apple Cinnamon was my favorite and Jared loved the Chocolate Peanut Butter the most. They tasted like DESSERT!!!! They did a good job of keeping us full for a few hours in between lunch and dinner. 

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Eat Without Worry This Holiday Season with CharcoCaps!

We all know that the holidays bring lots of delicious food and indulging. Today, we're going to talk about a product that can help eliminate worrying about gas and discomfort after those big meals!

CharcoCaps® Anti-Gas Formula ( is a unique, safe, naturally gentle dietary supplement that can be used for long term or daily use with no side effects. It's proven to adsorb and eliminate intestinal gas and bloating fast thanks to the use of activated charcoal. Activated charcoal has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries and is well-known for use in hospitals for treating accidental poisoning because of its porous, adsorbing qualities. (NOTE: CharcoCaps® is not a treatment for accidental poisoning and, rest assured, is not made of the same charcoal found in bbq briquettes.)

Some Facts about CharcoCaps:

  • Two CharcoCaps capsules should be taken during or after eating high-gas producing foods, or at first sign of discomfort; repeat dose after two hours if necessary. Do not exceed 16 capsules per day

  • CharcoCaps is gluten, dairy, and sugar free

  • CharcoCaps is available in a 36 count or 100 count and can be found in the antacid/anti gas section of

This Thanksgiving, Jared tried out the CharcoCaps after his THREE plates of food, and said it really did eliminate the overly stuffed and bloated feeling, but most importantly, ELIMINATED THE GAS! The rest of us were very thankful! haha

Visit the CharcoCaps® Holiday Eating Survival Guide for quick tips on how to avoid gas and bloat during your holiday festivities, and to enter to win one of five weekly $250 Walmart gift cards for holiday groceries and entertaining essentials! ​

To Find Out Where CharcoCaps can be purchased, click here:

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received a box of CharcoCaps® Anti-Gas Formula and a $10 Walmart gift card for my own personal use. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

Visit the CharcoCaps® Holiday Eating Survival Guide for quick tips on how to avoid gas and bloat during your holiday festivities, and to enter to win one of five weekly $250 Walmart gift cards for holiday groceries and entertaining essentials! ​

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received a box of CharcoCaps® Anti-Gas Formula and a $10 Walmart gift card for my own personal use.  All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Just a Few of the Many Things We are Thankful for...

We have SO MUCH to be thankful for all the time, so today we want to share just a few of the many things we are thankful for right now! :) 

Meeting so many new friends (and eating awesome food) at the Refresh Summit! 

The four year old I nanny in the afternoons is a lot of fun to hangout with. We do a lot of crafts, and he decided to add some drawings to my card for my grandparents. (That I totally forgot to bring...oops!)  

We spent Thanksgiving with the Kemmer side of the family in Tallahassee. It was lots of fun! Our little cousins, Chase and Zach were full of nonstop energy and loved playing with us. The boys played Wii Golf (surprise surprise...haha) and I played catch/soccer outside with them for a while. Then, we all played pool and air hockey together. The little kids beat us EVERY time! (Wink Wink) Here's some pics that my Aunt Beth captured. Check out her blog with TONS OF AWESOME PICS!

We picked out our VERY OWN Christmas tree and decorations and had a blast listening to Christmas music while we put everything together. Hope that will remain a tradition EACH year! :) 

At the Refresh Summit, Lindsay, (check out her awesome blog here)  told us about their family's SMOOVIE night and thought it was such a fun idea, that we did it one night too! We watched a movie while drinking smoothies. 


Jared headed out of town for a tournament, so I cranked up the Christmas music and CLEANED CLEANED CLEANED!!! Jared's parents are coming to visit for a few days, so I wanted our place to look nice for them. Of course, I had to take a break with a Strawberry Zevia. (SO GOOD)

When Jared was at a tournament, I was blessed to be able to watch our friends' sweet baby overnight so his parents could enjoy a much needed DATE NIGHT! He was SO GOOD and it was fun getting to experience what nights are like with a 3 month old! I loved every minute of it!

Jared is doing MUCH better at his mental game, which is so great! He is still working hard every day and we are just waiting on God's perfect timing for him to make his way back on the Web.Com Tour. 

Earlier last month, we were fortunate to get tickets to Disney for free thanks to a friend! It was SO MUCH FUN to act like big kids again. It was a nice break from the stresses that golf can bring at times.


and last, but not least, I am so excited to announce that I am now a Love Grown Ambassador! If you haven't heard of Love Grown yet, check out their website! I will be hosting some fun giveaways soon, so stay tuned!


Umpqua Oats- Vanilla Almond Crunch

Umpqua Oats sent some of their Vanilla Almond Crunch for us to review.  
We were not compensated for this post. All opinions are our own. 

Here's a little more info about them:
They use No Gluten Ingredients, are GMO Free, Whole Grain Certified, Kosher Certified and Made In The USA!

Our oats are custom milled. And that’s why our ingredient list doesn’t say “oats,” it says “groats!” No, that’s not a typo. Groats are the whole hulled grain. Groats include the cereal germ and fiber-rich bran portion as well as the endosperm, which is the usual product of milling. What does that mean? You are getting a larger, thicker, unbleached, whole oat that is not processed into “instant” oats. Bottom line? Our oatmeal is not soft and mushy! Like the chefs say, it’s “al dente!”

We are creating flavors never seen before in oatmeal, and we can’t tell you how fun it is! Oatmeal was one of those healthy American traditions that just grew old and boring. At Umpqua Oats we are making oatmeal fun, fast and convenient, without losing any of the healthfulness!

Seriously . . . we buy the best ingredients we can find, and you can tell as soon as you open the lid. There are all kinds of ways to reduce ingredient costs, such as buying broken nut fragments and adding fillers to extend volume. The only grain in Umpqua Oats is whole rolled oat!  
Our Review:
Their website hits the nail right on the head!  These oats are chewy and thick, just the way we like them! They are super easy to make, taste awesome, and are in a perfect container to take them on a go when you're in a hurry.  They have a perfect combination of healthy fats, carbs, and proteins for feeding our bodies properly! You need to check them out!!!

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Friday, November 28, 2014

The Nut Butter Company Review

The Nut Butter Company sent us some samples to review on our blog. We were not compensated for this post. All opinions are our own. 
 Here's some info about The Nut Butter Company from their website:

We believe in delicious!
 That's why we are making small batch, homemade nut butters. We believe delicious snacks have no need for chemicals. We believe in delicious! We started making nut butter so we could eat it.  We try to eat healthy more often than not.  We shared the flavors with friends who asked us to make it for them to have and give as gifts.  So we started doing this .  We roast nuts in the morning and process in the evenings. 

Little by little let's replace each pre-packaged, processed product in our pantry with real foods made without being overly processed and overly preserved..    
Somewhere along the way, in an attempt to get a lot of people through the cold food-scarce winters, people started preserving food. Westerners started making a lot of products out of wheat and corn because we couldn't get fresh foods. A lot of people got put to work and a few people made a lot of money making and selling pre-packaged, highly preserved "food".  Things are different now.  Most of us don't starve through winter anymore. We've got fresh produce and fresh protein available to us all the time. But we're still eating, and feeding our kids, out of boxes and frozen packages of chemical laden quasi-food. But we don't have to do that. We can take small steps, snack by snack, meal by meal, back to a cleaner path. We can grab some pecan butter and dip an apple in it and we can offer that snack to our sons and daughters. If you are already on the return-to-whole-foods train, if you are Paleo or eat in the Zone or follow Body for Life, South Beach, No wheat, High Protein, low carb, vegan...whatever it is...they all agree: Minimally processed, real foods are better. Better for us. Better for our bodies and better for our minds. Together, let's make delicious synonymous with healthy. This is our step to that. 
Our Review:
This stuff was goooooood! We topped it on our oatmeal, toast with banana, and even used it in our chicken & veggie stir fry!!!  The Cashew Rosemary Shallot was PERFECT for the stir fry. It had a nutty and herby flavor and it was awesome! The Dark Chocolate was Jared's favorite and the Cashew was mine! They were all extremely tasty!
Oh, did I forget to mention that we also ate a lot by the spoonful or had those moments when we were just too lazy to get a spoon, we used our fingers? haha SO GOOD!
 Please check out their website and order some for yourself!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wrawps Food Review and GIVEAWAY

Wrawps sent us some flat bread to review! Here's a little info about them from their website:
We are pleased to provide you double the nutritional ingredients consequently making our wrawps fuller, non breakable all while providing you twice the nutritional value! More vitamins, more minerals and more amino acids in the same pack! Get your daily nutrition from raw wrawp made of fresh vegetables and ground flax seeds filled with Omega 3!

Are you on a diet? Have cravings for every day food, sandwich or wrap, and don't want to eat a regular tortillas or bread with flour, carbs, gluten and fat?

Its Raw, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Low Fat, Sugar Free, Diabetic friendly, all natural, high in fiber, full of flavor and rich in nutrition! No white salt or sugar and low in calories. It is full of Complex Vitamin B and Omega 3! It helps to prevent heart disease, blood sugar, diabetes, high cholesterol, and colon problems.
It's HAND MADE, LIVE, HEALTHY, AND UNCOOKED, Dehydrated at 115F. No trans-fat, No saturated fat, no oils, no preservatives, easy to digest, live Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes.


Our Review:
We enjoyed these wrawps as a healthy alternative to shake up our everyday lunches. We put some turkey and cheese and rolled them up to enjoy at the golf course. They had a very tasty flavor to them. Our favorite was the Smokey Haven. We didn't need to add any spices to these wrawps because they were so full of flavor.

We also used them for our breakfast a couple days. We made eggs and added some cream cheese to make a delicious wrawp! 

Please check out their website and order some for yourself!

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