Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pro Golfer Wife Life Tips

When most people first hear Professional Golfer, they immediately think "Oh, they have it so easy! They just get to play golf every day and life is grand!" 


Well, the truth is, it's not always rosy. This year hasn't gone exactly the way we HOPED it would happen, as far as making cuts on the Tour, but we are choosing to be positive and understand that God has it all under control and He is taking care of us and still blessing us in so many ways! 
This year has been full of travel (for Jared mostly) and LOTS of time apart from each other.  I am very thankful to have an incredible family that I work for that helps accommodate our crazy schedule and allows me to travel with Jared once in a while.

The Web.Com Tour Chaplain and his wife suggested an AMAZING book called, "Grace Filled Marriage" for us to read. We are only through chapter 7 so far, and it has helped us TREMENDOUSLY. We are finally doing what God wants us to do and put our COMPLETE and FULL trust and hope in HIM, not the other spouse. Jared and I are human, and are nowhere near perfect! This book has helped us learn how to show each other GRACE when the other disappoints us by forgetting something or not being very kind when responding to the other in a conversation, or whatever the situation may be. The conversation with the Chaplain and his wife was a HUGE moment where God spoke through them directly to me and made me realize that I needed to make some changes! If I am going to TRULY be all in to Jared's dream, then I need to be on board with him being gone a lot, and not so miserable when I'm at home alone. This has been a HUGE change and I cannot even begin to describe how FUN and HAPPY I have been since the conversation. So, I've decided to share a few tips on how I am TRYING (b/c I'm not perfect, nor will I ever be) to be positive in everything I do. 

When Jared is gone, I cherish fun moments with these incredible kiddos I nanny everyday. They are so sweet and I have a BLAST and don't even feel like I am at "work". 

I've reached out to NEW friends in this new city that I have lived in for a little over a year now! Girl time is ALWAYS fun and it helps me enjoy the moment that I am in and not focus on missing Jared and that he gets to travel to all these cool places. I have plenty of fun RIGHT HERE on my own with friends! 

Fortunately, Jared's whole family lives here, so I spend time with them and have fun with them while he is gone too! 

 I've also had some opportunities to travel back to my parent's house and go to TWO of my friend's weddings, and catch up with friends! Friendship is a WONDERFUL thing!

While we wish that Jared would have made the cut in Utah, that wasn't God's plan. Instead, he flew in and we got to attend a friend's wedding TOGETHER! My parents surprised us and bought us both a fancy new outfit to wear. We LOVED spending the night having fun together, catching up with old friends, and not talking about golf! 


The BIGGEST thing that helps us while we are apart is FACETIME. How incredible is technology these days!?!?!? Even if we can't physically be next to each other, it has been fun to see each other and talk like we are right next to each other having a conversation. One night, we even had a dinner date with each other! :)

While this stage on our path to the PGA Tour isn't always easy, we are choosing to stay positive and enjoy each moment! 

I love this guy and I am so thankful that God blessed me with him as my husband to live life together! 

I am also so thankful for God's GRACE and His perfect example, so that I can try each and every day to be more like Him. 

Do you have any tips for us when we are long distance?
Have you read any other good marriage books?
We'd love your suggestions!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Good Spread Review


Good Spread sent us some of their peanut butter to review! Here's some info from their website:


In the Fall of 2011, a 1971 Winnebago caught fire and burned to the ground.  What appeared to be broken dreams and a pile of ashes turned out to be destiny.
After 2,500 miles of hitchhiking and sharing the news about a miracle peanut butter substance known as Ready-to-use Therapeutic Food (RUTF), Alex Cox and Mark Slagle partnered with an organization called MANA who produced RUTF.  They created a company intent on reducing childhood malnutrition around the world.  Through the efforts of many good people, the peanut butter company Good Spread was born and began producing individual packets of all-natural peanut butter mixed with organic honey.  With profits from each sale, more RUTF could be generated and sent to children around the world.
When you buy a packet of Good Spread peanut butter, we give a packet of MANA RUTF.  Good Spread is for people who want to turn the tide of severe acute malnutrition and change more than just an economy with peanuts.  It's for people looking for a healthy snack with a healthy cause.  It's for people like you.
For more info read our FAQ


Before we get into the TASTE part of the review,  how amazing is the company for helping to feed malnourished children!!?!?!? We think that is TOTALLY awesome!

Now, for the taste part...

We truly believe that the company needs to change it's name to ...


It's not just good, it's GREAT! It has organic ingredients and nothing artificial. Plus, the sweetness of the honey sends your taste buds into shock with deliciousness! You gotta try some!!!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shaklee Review

Our friend, Laura Rousey, sent us some Shaklee products to try out and review.  

We loved the taste of the Meal Replacement protein powders. We aren't trying to lose weight, so we used them for POST-WORKOUT protein fuel and a treat! They weren't chalky and they tasted yummy! I surprised Jared with some Peanut Butter Protein Rice Krispies and used the vanilla protein in them. He said, "These are the best rice krispies I've ever had!" (Talk about a nice compliment! I was super excited that he loved them so much!!!)

We enjoyed the Blueberry and Almond Crisp bars as a snack on our way to a practice round. They were tasty and kept us full! 
On Saturday, I went to the gym and ate an energy chew before my workout. I felt AWESOME during the workout and had tons of energy without feeling "jittery" like some energy products make you feel.
Jared enjoyed the sports performance drink during his workouts. (It is a healthier version of gatorade) 

They also have an entire line of CLEANING PRODUCTS! 

We enjoyed trying out the cleaning products and they WORKED just as well as our usual cleaning products, but without all of the HARMFUL CHEMICALS!!! That's a win win in our book! 

Please visit Laura's website and ask her for more detailed info. There are TONS of products to choose from!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sexy Pop Banana Review

We reviewed SexyPop earlier this year. You can check out our first review HERE. They recently came out with a new flavor, BODACIOUS BANANA! 

This was quite a unique flavor for popcorn! It took a minute for our taste buds to adjust, but we enjoyed it after we got used to it! It also had some cinnamon sprinkled throughout, so it was more dessert-y. (Yes, that's a new word! haha) 

Please try some for yourself and let us know what you think! 

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Peanut Butter and Coconut BARNANA Review

Barnana sent us their brand new flavors to try! PEANUT BUTTER and COCONUT!! If you missed our first review, you can check it out HERE.


When we received the new flavors and found out they were PEANUT BUTTER and COCONUT, we were pumped! We are peanut butter fanatics and we love coconut anything!!

Well, Barnana did NOT disappoint at all! These were GREAT! We enjoyed them as a little treat after dinner, in between meals, AND even on our PB Sandwiches!!!

These are very tasty!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Minute Maid Juice Bars Review

We were sent Minute Maid Juice Bars to Review. Here's some info about them:
These refreshing juice bars are perfect for summertime.  They come in three delicious flavors – Grape, Cherry and Orange!

  • Made with 100% Real Fruit Juice!
  • Full day’s supply of Vitamin C!
  • No high fructose corn syrup!
  • Only 60 Calories!
  • Naturally flavored!
  • Three refreshing flavors!
Minute Maid Juice bars are the perfect spring and summer treats. They make perfect additions to:

·         Picnics
·         Memorial Day BBQs
·         Pool Parties
·         End-of-school festivities


We recruited our adorable niece and nephew to help us with this review! Thanks Charlotte and Boston! :) 

The kids loved the taste of the juice bars! The only thing we didn't like was that they were not very kid-friendly. The packaging was not easy to handle in terms of "holding and eating" the juice bar. They had to put them into bowls and eat with a fork because they were so messy and spilled everywhere.  They did enjoy the taste and I know their mom was happy that they didn't have any high fructose corn syrup! :)

Connect with Minute Maid Juice Bars:

Monday, June 16, 2014

RX Bar Review

RX BARS sent us some of their bars to review and host a GIVEAWAY!!  First, here is some info about them from their website:
At RxBar, we believe that food should be simple and delicious without compromising nutrition.  We believe that quality ingredients should never be sacrificed because of cost.  We believe that foods should be consumed as nature intended.  This is why we do what we do and as a company all of our products directly reflect these values.

About our bars:
RxBars are made with a passion devoted to ensuring the highest standards of quality.  There are no misleading filler ingredients in our bars -- only natural, quality ingredients that provide functional nutrition and satisfy hunger. 
Each bar contains no more than 8 ingredients, all of which conform to the standards of the Paleo Diet. 
RxBar is 100% Paleo and natural. They do not contain:  grains, added sugars, gluten, soy, dairy, or any artificial or processed ingredients.  RxBars are as prescribed by nature to give you the proper balance of high quality pure egg white protein, a healthy supply of fats, carbohydrates that are high in fiber, and natural sugars from the fruits themselves.
RxBars are the only fruit and nut protein bar out there.  Each bar contains 15 grams of muscle-building protein derived naturally from egg whites and raw almonds. Our bars contain no artificial sugars – they are sweetened by real fruits - the micronutrient-dense date and fig, both of which are also great sources of natural fiber. 
If you are looking to crush your daily WOD, run a 5k, or just get you through the day, RxBar is for you. For convenience and mobility, RxBars are packed in a resealable pouch.
RxBars are simple and pure - No BS.

Our Review:

Where do we start?!?!? We were seriously BLOWN AWAY at how awesome these bars are! Not only do they taste AMAZING, they are made with very few ingredients! We are trying our best to eliminate anything artificial from our eating and these bars fit perfectly!

If you're an avid reader of our blog, you know that we eat... A LOT... We workout hard and need to fuel our bodies properly! These bars were physically heavier than other protein bars and actually FILLING. They were very nutrient dense and we LOVED them! 

The other SUPER AWESOME THING FOR OUR FAMILY is that these are PERFECT for Jared's golf tournaments! We always eat protein bars throughout the round for our fuel, but a lot of them melt and it's a huge mess.... These are FANTASTIC and MESS-FREE!!! 

All of the flavors were delicious! We can't choose a favorite! Well, except that Kelsey only liked the fruity ones because she doesn't even eat chocolate! haha But don't worry, Jared inhaled the chocolate ones! ;)

Please visit their website and order some for yourself!

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But, you can also try and WIN some using the rafflecopter below!